January 27th, 2004



OK, I officially have Too Many browser windows open. So it's time for me to post all the links to interesting posts here:
barty's Hell of Minimal Unpleasantness (do not read if allergic to puns).
Interview with Brad Fitzpatrick about lj, from Linux Journal. V geeky.
elynne (& family)'s Poly-specific phrases.
wandra being ill is not good, but I found her post thought-provoking.
How accurate is your self-image? by katyha. Also thought-provoking. I think my answer to that question would take far longer than the amount of time I currently have available...

Bah for life so busy I have to go to skip?=320 to see posts I'd already seen! (and that's on my Default View, not my whole friends list!).