January 29th, 2004

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I Am Not Here

This is a mirage...

Nah, ok, I'll admit that I am in fact writing this post. But I'm mostly not online at the moment. Hideously busy. I've started at my new school and will be taking lessons as of next week, so I've been rushing around learning new people, new places, new exam syllabuses, etc. To say nothing of the fact this school is all-boys (whereas my last was all-girls), and it's shockingly different for that reason alone!

I was actually quite apprehensive over Christmas about being uprooted from my old school, where I'd got used to the procedures and classes, and having to go to a new one and learn them all again. But by now I'm feeling quite comfortable with it, and only too glad to be able to put all the mistakes I made at the first one behind me. Which is, of course, why they do the placements like this, in two phases. Still bloody scary at the beginning, though.

On Tuesday I have to start teaching physics to my "delightful" Year 10s. They're a top set, so most of them are bright & well-motivated, with just a handful let down by laziness or immaturity: so it could be a lot worse. Also Tuesday's lesson is the wave equation (v=f lambda), which I do thankfully know well enough that I wouldn't even need to look at a physics book between now and next week if I wasn't paranoid. I expect I will still be running around like a headless chicken on Monday night, though. Hrm.
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Trolling for chocolate products

I have just ordered another £50 of stuff from Veganstore. This consists of 2 books plus £30 of chocolate. I figure that's probably about a month's supply, six weeks if I'm lucky :)

So I thought I would post a list of all the chocolate products I enjoy & am able to eat, just in case anyone wants to donate any to me :)
Ritter Sport: Plain or Peppermint (also available from Waitrose or various convenience stores round London)
Biona organic Chocolate Spread. This stuff is heavenly, almost exactly like Cadbury's chocolate spread was like when I was a kid, before they changed it to make it Dairy Milk spread (which is far too sweet, and if I think it's too sweet that's saying something). It is about a million times nicer than Chocoreale, the other vegan chocolate spread, which mostly tastes like sunflower oil.
Holy Cow chocolate fudge. Lovely. The chocolate flavour disguises the soyyyy aftertaste.
Montezuma Gourmet Drinking Chocolate (presumably also available from the Montezuma shops in Brighton or mail order from them). The only drinking chocolate that is strong enough to overpower horrible soy milk taste. The fact it's real chocolate rather than just cocoa and sugar means that the cocoa butter melts into the soy milk and makes it closer to the texture of real milk.
After Eights - but check the ingredients. There are two different formulations of After Eights depending on if they're made in the UK or in Europe - one's dairy-free and the other isn't.
Fry's Chocolate Creams or Orange Creams. These were the only chocolate bars I could eat for a couple of years before my tastebuds changed enough for me to be able to eat plain chocolate. Now, I find them too sweet unless I'm in a sickeningly-sweet goo sort of mood ;)
Whizzers dairy-free chocolate beans (a.k.a vegan Smarties, also available from Sainsbury's). Not amazingly keen on these, but they're useful for cooking or when I need extreme sugar boost.

All donations gratefully received! (Not that I can't afford to buy them for myself, but I'm hardly going to say no to any turning up :) ).
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for the boob lovers among you

The Mystery of Britney Spears' Breasts (flash, sound rather necessary). They are rather odd. I can understand her going from an A cup at 17 to a C cup at 18 (mine did much the same thing), and I can understand fluctuations of about a cup size (maybe when premenstrual) or the effects of a good push-up bra. But they seem to fluctuate a lot more than that, and sometimes when no bra is visible at all! Does she have some sort of pump in there? Weird.