February 5th, 2004


trains and apocalypses

I would just like to report that the 07:42 train from Kingston to Waterloo has left on time three days in a row. I am very afraid. Specifically, I fear one of the following consequences: (1) this is a new record, (2) it is the first sign of the apocalypse, (3) every 07:42 for the next three weeks will be hideously delayed. Your bets please on which of these is most likely.

Of course, I'm actually supposed to get the 07:35 if I'm to get to school on time in the morning - the 07:42 is the train I get if I miss that one. Except today I managed to miss the 07:42 as well because it actually left on time! I had to get the 07:57 which then sat at Raynes Park for 6 minutes and crawled to Wimbledon... For anyone who says I should get up earlier, I should point out that I was up at the horrendous hour of 6am, getting work sorted out for my dear Year 10s :P

Haven't said much about school (or anything else) recently - still v busy. I'm going to set up another journal for my school stuff, so it's semi-anonymous and separated from my personal stuff. Will let people know where that is in a friends-only entry, but if you're not on my friends list and want to read it, let me know and I'll email you the link separately.

impulse purchase panic!

I have also been having EXCITEMENT, ALARM and ADVENTURE.

Went out today armed with vouchers for Game and Computer Exchange, thinking I might get some more Game Boy Advance games - and found a second-hand platinum GameCube. Now, I wanted to get one of those when it came out, but I had less than no money at the time, and because it was limited edition, they all sold out very quickly - so though I now have the money, I thought I wouldn't be able to get one (without eBaying). But I found one by accident today. It was perfect condition, in a pristine box, and complete with the limited edition Zelda game - all for £80! And with my voucher, that came down even further. Not bad, eh?

But! ALARM! as I discovered the box contained a GameCube, a Scart lead, an RGB lead, the game... everything I needed except the power cable! Argh! at the thought of having a lovely impulse purchase and not being able to use it on the night of purchase! I had to run back round to the shop. And it was already 7.45 and shops close at 8 on a Thursday! Fortunately, I got there just as they were locking the doors, and they recognised me!

The random words in capitals are, btw, what Nintendo do in their games. Names of people, places or just completely random words appear in capitals for no apparent reason as you're playing. It's most odd for someone who reads capitals as shouting to read.
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