April 7th, 2004

face only, scary

squick squick squicky squick

A warning for you all: Never try to catch up on 2 months of livejournal by reading back through the individual journals of your 30-or-so favourite & most prolific posters. My head hurts.

As I'm typing this my mother is telling me vivid details about the acupuncture she had today, along with the needle marks. And here's me with a general medical and specifically needle/blood-related phobia. Aargh!
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currently in need of some cognitive therapy via clue-by-four

I have had a busy and productive day. I have:
1) been to the psychologist
2) bought Easter cards for all the family who'd complain not to get one (including ones addressed to specific family members where appropriate)
3) phoned BT about getting a refund (we are on the monthly payment plan and always, always end up overpaying, because BT don't seem to appreciate that we don't use our landline to make calls)
4) phoned the bank about arranging an overdraft (which I don't actually need yet, but I am being Organised and sorting it out in advance)
5) started catching up with lj
and 6) started making plans to do stuff with people this week.

Now, that would be quite an impressive list for people at the best of times, let alone a depressive person who's currently depressed. But what do I feel? "Ugh, I've done nothing today"! I achieved everything I had planned to do today and more, and I feel like I haven't done anything? God. I so need a clue.