April 21st, 2004

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I have landed.

My luggage and I have now arrived in Seattle. This is an improvement over last night, when I was here but my luggage wasn't. Fortunately, in this day and age, they have technology to locate missing bags - i.e. a barcode is stuck on the bag when it's checked in and scanned whenever it moves. Last night it transpired that although I had caught the flight, my bag hadn't. I was quite annoyed about that because having arrived in Chicago, claimed my stuff and gone through customs, I had got to the re-check-in point with half an hour before my flight (quite impressive when I only had an hour for the whole connection). I didn't know quite how my bag was one of only 3 that had gone missing when plenty had arrived after it. Today it transpires from a note inside the bag that it was chosen for random security screening, so I assume that was how it missed the flight.

Funny thing no.1 : When I rang Wim from the airport to say I'd found the baggage claim and was waiting for my bag, he mis-heard me as saying my bag was missing. So it is clearly his fault it actually _did_ go missing! (Never mind the fact it must have been selected for screening several hours earlier!)

Funny thing no. 2: I had been saying all along that a bag containing a large octopus was clearly suspicious and likely to get stopped. (We had been joking about the relative suspicion of a dirty well-loved octopus vs a recently laundered one).

Funny thing no. 3: Customs/Security have stolen one of my jars of chocolate spread. Now, either chocolate spread is a prohibited item or not - why take one and not the other?!

Anyway, local time here is hideously early in the morning, so I am going back to bed. See some of you tonight :)
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