April 25th, 2004


I went S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G.

While in Seattle I spent a couple of days hanging out with jinian, hattifattener and elynne, along with dustbath for some of it. We had some very strange conversations and a lot of good food. I have now had trilobite cookies, and know how to make them for people at home :D

I have discovered Hot Topic, and am now way beyond broke. Why didn't anyone tell me about it before? ;) A goth/punk clothing store which carries all the women's clothing in sizes up to 2XL (I don't even need 2XL!) and is reeeeeeally cheap, especially with the pound being strong against the dollar atm. They also do lots of cartoon & retro tv programme merchandise (& at the moment they have Nintendo stuff), tons and tons of badges & stickers with funny slogans, Hello Kitty & other Sanrio characters... Can we call this shop h-l's Dream? Or Richard's Worst Nightmare, seeing as he is the one with the job. I have also bought Animal Crossing (a.k.a The Sims crossed with Pokemon) and Pokemon Colosseum. This is unfortunate, as I need to work every hour God sends to pay my credit card bill. If you don't see me for a few million years after I get home, just assume I am glued to the GameCube and give me a call ;)

I have not managed to get the memory card that an acquaintance of Richard's wants, despite going to every camera shop in Seattle and ringing every one in Colorado Springs. I'll try again in Chicago, but I'm only there for 3 hours inbetween flights, so I don't hold out too much luck. Oh well.

Oh yeah - some bastard didn't just steal my chocolate spread - they took one of my bars of chocolate, the Playstation game I'd brought for Kylee, and our digital camera. Complaints have been filed with the relevant parties, and I have travel insurance anyway. It's just that I wanted to have the camera to take photos of people :/ I can buy postcards of locations and they'll probably be better pictures than I'll take anyway, but that's not the point. Hrm.
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