May 20th, 2004


Romantic gestures gone slightly wrong, and other stories.

It is 2.30am and I am currently being kept awake by severe intestinal distress. I knew I was pushing my luck eating the white chocolate chips in the muffin when the muffin itself was no doubt full of dairy, but... :/ As I can't sleep anyway, I might as well post some random updates...

On Pokemon:
Lately my life has consisted of chemistry chemistry chemistry Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon. When I started to write this entry a couple of days ago, I wrote "Livejournal today is slower than a Slowpoke that's been Cotton Spore-d", which is probably incomprehensible to anyone who's a regular reader (oh, if I do know any adults who play Pokemon please will you come out of the closet now?!). Why am I obsessed with "a kids' game"? Probably because I am the sort of person who gets obsessed with games. Collapse )

On nosebleeds:
Lately my nose has been bleeding annoyingly. This is starting to get on my nerves.

Regular readers are probably aware that I Have Allergies (one of those links possibly not worksafe depending on your work). As a result of the "Perennial Rhinitis" (i.e. permanently runny nose) I have from dust mite I've been taking Beconase spray on prescription on and off for a number of years (like 14). As a result maybe of taking it for so long or a couple of accidental overdoses (I'm not sure which) I have apparently managed to bugger my nose up, to the extent that the nasal lining is all upset. Collapse )

On Romantic gestures gone slightly wrong:
In a moment of extreme stress the other week Richard & I decided to (shock, horror!) Eat Dinner At Home. We made my famous pasta bake which has been sorely missed from our diet since I had to cut right back on dairy. We split the tasks in our accustomed manner, with him chopping the vegetables while I cooked everything and put it all together. Because I was in such a bad mood, Richard decided to cheer me up, so he wrote "I LUV U" on the chopping board in baby corn. I, of course, entirely failed to notice that the baby corn spelled out a message, and just swept them into the pan... Hrm.

I'm sure I had other things to say, but the rest is all to do with buying houses and rants about various people and businesses, and my stomach is hurting enough already. Blergh. We apparently get the keys on Friday, but this is rather dependent on the Major Source Of Stress getting sorted out, and we hold out no hopes. Tomorrow bright and early is going to be ass-kicking time :/