June 7th, 2004


Have moved, but...

The wuzzie & I have moved. Successfully, I should add, and with the help of several people who deserve copious amounts of thanks:Collapse )

We are now living in a complete mess of boxes and unassembled flat-pack furniture. Actually I exaggerate - we only have two rooms full of boxes now: most other things have been unpacked and either placed carefully in Ikea "storage solutions", or thrown away (MY GOD WE HAD A LOT OF CRAP!). 3/4 of everything we own is in the new place, which is enough for the moment, seeing that we need enough space to assemble the furniture before the boxes can be unpacked...

But we don't have an internet connection there yet?!?!!!

Apparently it takes 14 days to move an ADSL connection if you keep your existing phone number. I wish someone had warned me of that before. I suppose as I have absolutely no free time courtesy of the need to paint and assemble furniture and unpack boxes, this possibly isn't a bad thing. It just means that getting hold of me is even harder than usual :) So right now I'm in the flat clearing out my email and posting a quick hello, but it's the first time I've been online for a week, and probably the last time I will be online until the ADSL gets moved. Hello! and Goodbye! (for a bit)

Advance warning: I am going to have a joint birthday/house-warming party the weekend of 25th-27th June - not sure exactly when, probably the Saturday (as is traditional for these things). Don't know if that clashes with anything else anyone has planned... don't know how I'd find out, either. (When is H & D's commitment thingy?!)
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I forgot. If anyone goes to see HP 3, do please look out to see if Richard gets a credit.

His full name is Richard Garnish, he works for Cinesite (Europe), and he lost vast quantities of his life to that damn film. I will be Most Displeased if in the end it was decided that sysadmins don't count. Pixar credit everyone who work on their films, not just the artists; why don't other companies?

I should've said this earlier, because I bet you've all been already.