July 5th, 2004

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I am an idiot, part 37

For the past few weeks, I have been Unable to Make Cake. This is because my recipe book went missing in the move, and though I've looked everywhere, it's patently not turning up. I have been able to make pretzels, because I know that recipe off by heart, and that's been it.

Well, yesterday I realised that all the recipes I use are typed up on the laptop, and my recipe book is just a paper copy. And it was the work of minutes to plug the laptop into the printer and print out a new copy, even after I'd wrestled with Windows to get the two things talking. Doh. I suck.
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baratron again

fridge poetry (some of it obscene)

Now that our wireless network is working (thanks to hatter, and no thanks to Richard who set it up then buggered off to France, I can post a report of the strangeness on our fridge. We have, btw, Thinkgeek "geek" and "sci fi" magnetic poetry, hence the "interesting" vocabulary.

untitled, by meeping:
her enormous compiler must go squish
as it has no backbone and a delicate controller
but she can sleep as she is a hacker woman
conjure ing random cracker code and elaborate warez
her mission vaporize ing luser lifeform s in cyberspace
who contaminate telnet with dangling hairy monkey finger s

wuzzie gets his own back on the people who think sysadmins aren't important:
delete faulty user
kill him with a regexp
root nuke s the lamer

a communal effort at sub-freezepop lyrics, which I can't help trying to sing to the tune of "Lucretia" by the SOM:
we are programming an echo
see zero mass guru drive by
you want banish crash spray
swim in meteorite core

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