July 12th, 2004


boring life update

Attention metal fans (that means bethdeth, ceno & inquis that I know of, and possibly some others) - I am selling a small quantity of old magazines & merchandise on eBay.

I actually have tons and tons of old magazines from 1989-1995 that I'm planning to sell in the next few months, but they take vast quantities of time and effort to list, so I'll probably scan a few each week and then post them all whenever there's another free listing day. I also have tons of My Little Pony stuff, some of it rare.

The house plods on - we have mostly assembled all the furniture we've bought and have some completely functioning rooms, which is good. But any more painting and unpacking of boxes is on hold until the damp people come in and replaster walls downstairs - which also means breaking some of the previously functioning rooms. Argh. I'm not actually sure quite where we're going to put all the stuff that'll need to be displaced for the work to be done, and I might well have to go and sleep somewhere else for a couple of days because we have no idea how allergic I'll be to the damp-proofing chemicals and plaster dust. Hooray for allergies :/