July 16th, 2004

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more boring life updates

I had "lunch" sitting in the park by myself today and I wrote 3 livejournal entries and an email in my head. I wonder how many of them I'll actually have the motivation to get round to posting? Someone really does need to invent brain to computer direct transfer mechanism... it would save me so much time (and be useful for people with some types of disability).

I am currently sticky and sweaty, but cooling down by means of cold water (both drinking and washing in (but not drinking and washing in the same water)) and wearing of less clothing. I'm sure this is absolutely fascinating for the readers at home?! No, I am NOT posting jpegs (we don't have a digital camera at the moment - what a good excuse that is!). In other boring life events, earlier this week I managed to bugger up my right arm, and I don't actually know how - was it just my dodgy elbow getting dodgy for no reason as it does; was it the fault of Richard's crappy keyboard and wobbly keyboard shelf, that I was forced to use for a small amount of time the other night; was it due to carrying far too many books home on the bus that same night? I'll never know.

Today I was woken up by some large men wearing uniforms with GAS written on them. They said there was a gas leak in the road and they needed to check people's meters to see where it was coming from. I was slightly more likely to trust them on the basis there was a definite smell of gas coming in through the front door ;) I had to go out pretty soon after that so I don't know whether anything is fixed - I presume they're not allowed to leave until it's safe, but the manhole cover is still open (for ventilation? I don't know). As I am Paranoid, I'm posting about it now, so that if I die horribly in the next few hours, you know why and can do something about it.

OK, something more serious, next.
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recent news rant

There are various reasons why I try to avoid reading the news. One is that far too many news stories make me angry or sad, and if I'm prone to getting depressed just from my own boring life shit, hearing about everything that's going wrong with the world can make me completely non-functional. Another is that news that makes me angry or sad also gives me the urge to rant, and having seen far too many internet flamewars based on half-formed opinions, I'm somewhat wary of ranting about things I don't properly understand or where I know I don't have all the details. But Richard insists on buying the (now excessively right-wing in my book) Evening Standard every day and bringing it home, so I usually end up reading it anyway. And there have been several news stories lately that I've wanted to comment on.

Like this thing about MRSA in hospitals. Apparently, it is estimated that 5000 people a year die because of it in the UK alone. How ridiculous is that? MRSA was first reported to the public as a problem at least two years ago, and I don't know how much more warning of it hospital managers got. The newspapers blether that hospitals are getting "dirtier" and "people are dying as a result", but is that really the problem? While various papers have had people go undercover as cleaners in hospitals and report back on things like the general lack of training they get, and the number of people being too busy or lazy to do anything that's not explicitly laid out in their job description (and even some borderline racism with cleaners from countries outside Western Europe being blamed for not changing their dirty water often enough), it's still not certain that "lack of hygiene" alone is the only problem. Speaking as a lay person with a reasonable degree of scientific knowledge and a few minutes with reputable web sites, I have no idea how much of the current MRSA problem is genuinely due to a lack of basic hygiene compared to how much is due to too much overprescription of antibiotics for non-bacterial infections in the past 30 years combined with recent indiscriminate use of antibacterial cleaning products. In the meantime, the press are hyping it up, and people are getting panicky. Just what we all need.

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