July 19th, 2004



I have a distinct feeling of watching my life rather than participating in it at the moment. I don't know how much of this is due to the fact I've been spending most possible hours playing Pokemon rather than Dealing With Shit. Hrm. Probably most of it, actually.

Some rather unpleasant Life Shit is going to be going on this week, most of it not actually mine. That really is all I can say in an unfiltered entry :/ Sorry for the crypticism, but child protection issues.

And for me, because I'll probably need reminding:
I am not afraid
Violence can't hurt me
Violence is dead
Broken bones can heal
and broken glass won't alter
the words I put inside your head.

apropos of not much

We really need a second laptop.

Since we got a house, it's become more difficult for Richard and I to sit together doing different stuff. Quite a big part of our relationship has been sitting in the same room each working or playing on our separate stuff, yet somehow being together - the two of us sitting at separate computers doing separate work but knowing either of us can read out a line from an irc window or web site, and the other one will get it. (As I mentioned) I've been playing a lot of games lately, so now that we have wireless networking, he's started using the laptop to read web forums & do code on, bringing it to whatever room I'm sitting in. Which is working a lot better than it ever did with the old wired card - he's getting quite used to the laptop and has mostly set up his profile the way he likes it. He doesn't even mind leaving me logged in if I want windows left open.

The problem with this is that if he's using the laptop, I can't also use it. And I'm fairly dependent on it as a computer, because CRT monitors give me a headache after a few minutes (and even the laptop gives me a headache if I look at it too long). At least it doesn't flicker much, and I can make the text really tiny so it doesn't strain my eyes [*]. So if he's coding in the evening, I don't get to do lj.

And then I feel all lost and lonely, and think I have no people in my life and no one loves me, etc etc etc.


A solution that doesn't involve spending lots of money we don't really have... hrm... I'm sure we'll think of something.

Did I mention recently how wonderful Richard is? It is 2 o'clock in the morning, and he has brought me pasta, because I needed some :)

[*] unlike most geeks, I am long sighted.
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