July 23rd, 2004

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I do hope the title of this entry has caused you pain. Just think yourselves lucky - I was going to make it my journal title... ;)

Does anyone else have the same reaction I did to this pub sign, seen on one of my regular bus routes to work:
Sunday roast: £5.95
Children: £3.95

Mmmm... delicious children... (And they let me become a teacher?!)

Those of you who are less, or simply differently, pedantic might say "What's your point? Even after the sarcasm, you still clearly know what the sign means: adults' meals are £5.95 and childrens' meals are £3.95." To those people, I'd reply: just because you're right, doesn't mean I can't also be right. It's still an abuse of the English language, even if I know what it means :)

But I remain irritated by another pub on the same bus route which has a sign outside saying:
Bring your family to play in our garden. "We have two".
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