August 5th, 2004


how am I?

I am still approximately one million years behind with lj. Also a few hundred years behind with posting to it. Ah well.

At the moment I am fairly happy and fairly depressed. If this seems impossible to you, I should point out that whoever first described depression as acute sadness had a lack of imagination. My current symptoms are a general lack of energy, a profound lack of motivation to do anything vaguely stressful, lots of random irrational anxiety, and occasional bouts of doom and despair. But in between all that I feel okay and like what I'm doing with my life. So :P

The one constant nagging piece of sadness is major guilt about a series of very bad mistakes I made over the past year, which culminated in someone I really care/d about being badly hurt. Note to future self: stress turns you into a monster. All details deliberately left cryptic, except I still want to say to that person I'm sorry - but however sorry I get it still doesn't fix what I did wrong. It sucks, really.

I am, honestly, ok apart from that. Although more contact from other human beings would be welcomed :) Am a bit too busy and lethargic to initiate any myself.
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baratron again

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Why rivka rocks: lj entry proof & blog proof.

I had a load of other links I was going to post, but I have temporarily mislaid them. They'll probably turn up in 3 weeks, by which time the posts they referred to will be a mere 6 weeks old. Hrm.

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Waaah!!! I wish we still had a digital camera! Richard has just microwaved a poppadom and it's fucking scary!
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I *heart* teh pkmn!!

I have finished both Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Colosseum, and now my life is over!!

Except it isn't, because although I've finished the main storyline of Colosseum, there are still the side-areas and the tournament battles to go, and although I've finished the main storyline of Sapphire I still have about another 25 Pokemon to catch before I've Caught 'Em All (TM). And in case this excitement wasn't enough, I am picking random crap pkmn to train up for Contests. Contests are kinda hard to describe: rather than being typical RPG turn-based battles, they do what it says on the tin. You go to a Contest Hall to enter one of your pkmn in a Contest to try to win the title of Toughest, Smartest, Coolest, Cutest or Beautifulest(?) Pokemon. In the first round, NPC audience members vote as to which of 4 pkmn they like the best. Then, in the second round, you and the three NPC trainers compete by getting your contestant pkmn to perform various moves in the correct category. In true Engrish style, the second round is called "Appeals", and the 4 Contest Halls are named Normal, Super, Hyper and Master.

I have been having great fun of the deranged nature by taking the ugliest monsters possible and maxing out their Beauty stats, so they win Beauty Contests and get their pictures painted for the Art Museum. Er... maybe you need to be me to find that amusing.

I need Fire Red & Leaf Green, and they don't make it out here until 30th December. NorAm import is going to have to happen; I am saving my pennies for the first week in September.
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