August 6th, 2004


boooook shopping

Y'know, I just read a couple of those online survey things that people love to fill their ljs with, thought "hey, these are really good questions, I should try answering some of them"... then I realised that I already have about 10 lj entries sitting around at the back of my head that need to be typed in one of these millennia. Hrm.

My life lately has also involved a fair amount of this. For some reason, no one told me that Foyles had actually become a really damn decent bookshop. Richard says it was good before, if you wanted to find a book that'd been out of print for 10 years and didn't mind spending all day hunting through piles. I am both impatient and broke - having to look through large piles of books not only pisses me off, but increases the probability that I end up leaving the bookshop having spent more money than I intended to. So I'd been avoiding the place for years. But I went in there by accident a couple of weeks ago, discovered it has PIRANHA, and now I have to keep going in to See The Piranha. Honest.

Things that should not be: as seen on amazon (and apparently a genuine picture, from twid via mactavish).

Things that are actually pretty cool: Dyke Dolls (from j00j, I think). Not worksafe. Also, the Kewlest eBay Auction EVAR!! (from kshandra).

I should go to bed.


Preparing for Emergencies. Apparently the UK Government wants to ban this site, but it's sooo much better than the utterly patronising piece of crap they put through my letter box this week.

This story made me cry. Yes, in the middle of WalMart Asda. The Sun, the UK's right-wing newspaper aimed at people who can't read words with too many letters in, tracked down the long-lost father of the transsexual contestant on Big Brother - no doubt hoping for some sort of shocking revelation. Instead, the father said "After all this time, God has given me the daughter I always prayed for". If only more T* people's families reacted that way, the world would be a better place.
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