August 25th, 2004


tired, itchy, dizzy, sick, stressed

Feeling very dizzy and ill. Some of it is stress. The rest is breathing badly because my nose won't stop itching. I don't know what to do about it because all the drugs I'm aware of are out of the question for one reason or another. But I have to do something, because otherwise I'll get really ill again. I suppose I'll talk to one of my friendly local twin* pharmacists in the morning, on the basis they know everything I'm on and most of my "issues".

Can't think straight. My head is full of fog. Most of my skin itches all over. Have Raynauds-type thing going on in my feet. Don't think I can bear a night of feeling like this, but I don't trust pharmacists I don't know to recommend something that doesn't clash with something else I'm on, even less a random GP who doesn't have my medical records. Am breathing into my cupped hands, and trying to resist the temptation to rub rub rub my itchy eyes and itchy nose. Not really succeeding.

Sorry my journal's been all drama queen lately.

* Yes, my local pharmacy is run by identical twins. I didn't know this for a very long time - I thought it was one guy who just changed his hairstyle on a regular basis. It was only when I saw both of them together that I realised!
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