September 27th, 2004

angry, Buttercup

*banging head against wall*

Can I just say, the US is fucking paranoid.

Am I allowed to say that? Or will I now be banned from ever entering the country again?!

I mean, for God's sake - this prevention of bioterrorism thing. If I want to send food (including sweets/candy) to friends in the US, I have to spend 15 minutes submitting a Prior Notification of food arriving form. This applies to anything except food I have made myself in my own home. If you ask me, that exemption is bloody ridiculous - if I was going to send a bioweapon to the US, wouldn't it be much easier to conceal it in a homemade "cake" than to open up a packet of prebought food, inject it in there, and reseal the packet well enough for Customs not to notice? Argh!

I can barely even understand the supposedly simple English factsheet, let alone anything else. I'm sitting here going "OK, I have a degree, I am not stupid", but the level of acronyms and corporate/government-speak is so high that it might as well be in a foreign language. I don't know how the average person on the street is supposed to cope with this. Even our own dear Royal Mail have not been able to understand it, because the information given on their web site states that manufactured food sent as a personal gift is exempt - but this is contradicted by the US FDA's own web site.

The worst thing about this is that the food I am trying to send was made and even bought in the US! I just didn't get round to posting it while I was there...
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On another topic entirely (although it's still related to food): the vegan part of Montezuma's chocolate catalogue. Note the 7 pages of products :) *drool*.

I am fighting the temptation to get married just so we can have a chocolate fountain at the wedding. Richard says "So that makes £750 plus £30 for the registry office fee? Quite a cheap wedding all in all". After all, no one we know would need real food on top of the chocolate fountain, would they? ;)