November 17th, 2004

angry, Buttercup

at least I can now (almost) see through both eyes...

Tonight I had a rare evening off work. So I had all these plans about sorting out a load of parcels for random people, cooking Mexican-style food, playing through some of the backlog of my various games...

And instead I spent the night lying in a dark room with random explosions going on somewhere in the vicinity of my right eye. Argh!

No, don't panic - it was "only" a migraine. And fortunately (?) I pretty much only get migraines as a result of hormonal stuff - and I remember having one exactly four weeks ago, so tonight's episode was almost certainly an indicator of where I am in my monthly cycle as opposed to anything more sinister. (And hey, if the choice is between migraine and suicidal depression, I'd probably pick the migraine).

But ARGH!!

You people who get migraines on a regular basis - HOW do you cope without ripping out parts of your anatomy?

Giving the laptop to Richard now so I don't try to look at the screen any more - 20 min was enough.
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