December 9th, 2004


chocolate & racism

I am officially Out Of Chocolate.

I'm just hoping that my damn Montezuma's parcel comes tomorrow... it was SUPPOSED to arrive today! If it doesn't, I can see myself melting down some of my drinking chocolate and eating that. Hrm.

This is a good article which has me applauding: No offence, but why are all white men so aggressive? Turn round the questions asked of black people and you may get the point.

I really must dig out all my half-written lj entries and finish them soon. Not least of all the writeup of alt.polycon 11 & my last US trip ;) Tonight is however not the time - I'm insanely tired for some reason. Think I'll go to bed at a sensible hour - for once.
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My Quiz About Me.

Blame epi_lj for this:

A lovely quiz all about me - with instant feedback! Take my quiz! and then Check out the scoreboard!. Don't accidentally Click the spyware!

Heh, no... the site is less evil than many I've seen. And you don't even have to give a real email address.

Update: Apparently it is horrendously hard, because wuzzie, who has known me for 9 years and been my partner for 7, got 5/10. So take it, safe in the knowledge that it doesn't matter if you get them all wrong! (then comment here with your score).