December 14th, 2004


I'm not drunk, I just hate answerphones.

I left a very embarrassing message on the answerphone of someone on my friends' list earlier today.

Sorry, hiddenpaw.

I should probably insert a poll at this point to find out whether everyone I know also hates answerphones, but I can't be bothered ;) Maybe tomorrow.

I am busy committing bad art. It will be online shortly. In the meantime, enjoy this version of the Activia Little Blue Ewok ad featuring Richard as a little brown ewok that I did literally months ago... Collapse )
Not sure if that's work-safe, except in the original (magazine) advert the bloke wasn't wearing any underpants, so my version has to be less dodgy than that...
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aibo, sleepy, cute

need... my... bed...

Blergh. I feel horrible. Got 7 hours sleep last night, which is exactly the wrong amount. Oddly, I function a lot better on 6 hours sleep than on 7 - I believe it's to do with which phase of sleep I'm in when I get woken up. Some phases of sleep are deeper than others, so being wrenched out of them by an alarm clock makes you feel much worse than if you were in a shallow phase. Apparently.

Bloody hate being brain-fried by tiredness. It's a bit too similar to the brain-frying that depression does for me to feel entirely comfortable with it...
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