December 17th, 2004


fangirl squeals of glee

So Freezepop made it to London again, only a year after the last time! Whee! What can I say about them that I didn't say before? Uh... Well, lizenthusiasm loved the French otter on the Otter Pops (which are freezepops with otters on that I bought in the US in frigging April and hadn't been able to send for various reasons), seandrinkwater apparently is gay, and a turtle (see ending of "That Boy Is All About Fun" for further details), and kasson is still The Most Beautiful Man On The Planet. Even when his hair is suspiciously normal.

I gave freezepop The Gift Of Montezuma's (as many other people will also be receiving from me this Christmas) - including a packet of dark T3s, which is convenient with Sean being a turtle an' all. And they gave me The Gift Of A Half-Price T-shirt. Richard was dead chuffed, I can tell you.

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Update: I forgot to mention also that immediately prior to Freezepop going on stage, one of the songs from Vib Ribbon (!) played over the PA!! And after they finished, Debaser by The Pixies. How ROKK is that?! (says the person who has been being KEPT SANE by wrapping Christmas presents to Death To The Pixies).

Also forgot to mention all the people I saw: inquis and barty and cryx and someone who now looks more like barty than he does himself since Cutting Off All His Beautiful Hair, and BiCon Janet and lots of other people I recognised but don't actually know. Yup.

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By rights I should be on a TRAIN to BRISTOL right now to SEE FREEZEPOP AGAIN, but if I do that exciting journey will be followed by an exciting journey to HOSPITAL. How fucking rock'n'roll.

Update: The reason for the "angry" userpic is because of the smoke. Freezepop deserve a mega-happy userpic, and a mega-happy h-l fan today :(
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Talking of all things ROKK

My mum is going on tour with The Vibrators and the UK Subs. How cool is that?

I think meeping's reaction was my favourite, though. When I told him, he said "Is she going as a groupie, or is she going to perform with them?". And I had a sudden attack of terrifying mental images as I tried to imagine my mum on stage, playing... I don't know what instrument. Triangle, possibly.

She is actually just going as part of the tour posse, but as I explained to Tim, she is genuinely good friends with Knox of the Vibrators, so "groupie" isn't quite the right word. I mean, she's about as good friends with Knox as I am with hatter. Known each other years and years, ring each other up every couple of weeks, go to each other's houses, that sort of thing. He sends her birthday and Christmas cards, and a get well soon card when she was in hospital (signed from him and his cat). And when Richard & I went to his art exhibition and admired one of the paintings, he insisted we have it. So we own a painting done by a Genuine Punk Legend.

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