December 23rd, 2004

black, shiny

I'm a pear-shaped girl in an apple-shaped world.

My box o'stuff from Hot Topic has turned up, including the prettiest dress ever (TM). It is black PVC & pink net, and it fits perfectly. I just keep looking at it and bouncing. It's so blaaaaaaack and shiiiiiiiiny... jpegs will be forthcoming when I find some nice shiny leggings to go under it :D Also got another PVC dress, extremely tight and somewhat obscene to wear in public, a bunch of t-shirts including Wicket the Ewok and Eeyore, and a pair of Happy Bunny pyjamas. Muahahahaa. Even with import duty it was Not Much, with the pound being so strong against the dollar.

I have, however, been utterly unsuccessful in my Quest for a Coat. I'm trying to find a floor-length warm winter coat with a hood. Preferably black, preferably cheap, preferably entirely non-animal in origin. Apparently this is like chasing wild geese. I can find no end of woollen coats (but I am quite allergic to wool), plenty of midlength coats (supposed to be knee-length, but actually mid-calf length on me), and long coats that are thin. Very little of what I want. Collapse )
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