March 19th, 2005

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state of the h-l

Now I've seen it all: furrychristians.

I think my brain just broke.

In other news, the current state of the h-l is mixed. I am very much appreciating the current weather (warm, breezy, sunny)... can't believe 2 weeks ago it was snowing enough that as I walked 5 minutes down the street in a black coat I first of all looked like a reverse dalmatian, with white spots on black, then like a walking snowman. Fine weather with lots of sun means significantly less SAD and higher energy levels. But, to go with the nicer weather is pollen and pollution, so I'm very asthmatic and allergic, and clearly need more asthma drugs because the current lot aren't keeping it controlled (joy). And the scoliosis in my spine keeps playing up, so I am randomly staggering round the place with back pain or spending evenings lying down.

I need a :rolleyes: smiley here like web forums have.
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Hail Seitan!

Yesterday's meals:
Breakfast - bacon roll
Dinner - roast beef with roast potatoes, peas, carrots & sweetcorn.

For anyone currently going WTF? I will point out that the "bacon" was in fact vegetarian streaky-style rashers, and the "roast beef" was a cheatin' meat-free roast beef. Both by the Redwood Wholefood Company, aka those people who make edible vegan cheese. The "bacon" is a very good impression of bacon - right flavour and texture, and when you fry it the fatty edge even goes crispy. The "roast beef" is less authentic, but that's good in my book as I don't actually like fake meat to be flavoured too realisticly (it triggers my "this is not food" reflex). All in all, I'm thinking I need to start buying shares in Redwood, or something. Everything they do, btw, is 100% vegan.

Oh yeah, I'll warn you now - if you order the "bacon" make sure you get the streaky-style rashers not the Tempeh rashers, as the former look like bacon while the latter look like a bunch of beans mashed together and dyed red. They made me feel itchy just looking at them... I certainly didn't get as far as eating them! But apparently they were the first ever vegan fake meat, so I guess they appeal to the stuffed cabbage leaves type of vegetarian as opposed to the Linda McCartney sausage type.