March 23rd, 2005


back pain

I am feeling completely and utterly frazzled. Some of the frazzle is due to worrying about all the people in bad situations, but the rest is due to one thing. Back pain.

If you have ever fucked up your back, you know exactly what I'm talking about and I need go no further. For the rest of you, imagine the worst pain you ever had. Then spread it throughout your body for several hours per day. At least.

I get up and on a good day, have about 4 hours before the pain kicks in. On a bad day, it already hurts when I get out of bed, and just gets worse and worse for every hour that I spend vertical.

I know the things that aggravate it:Collapse )

I'm not sure what the worst thing about back pain is. One of the worst things is that it affects your ability to do just about anything - even lying flat on your back is uncomfortable. Another is that the pain refers (i.e. moves) to other parts of your body - so I currently have pain in my entire upper torso, ribs as well as back. On a really bad day, it travels down and becomes shooting pains in my legs. Another is that it doesn't really get touched by standard painkillers. The only over-the-counter painkiller I can take is paracetamol, and it does NOTHING for back pain. Another is that chronic pain is very distracting and affects your ability to concentrate.

What can I do about it? Um... Collapse )
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Extremely bizarre stuff!

In an attempt to cheer people up/totally fry out everyone's brains, I present you with:

Big files, relatively long loadtimes if not on cable/DSL, audio essential for the full experience, doesn't matter if you have crap hearing though because you won't be able to make out the real words of the songs anyway, probably not work-safe. Yup.

First up, a definition of Animutation from Wikipedia. So you know what you're viewing (and why the same sprites are getting used over and over again).

The site of the guy who invented this aka Most of the songs are Japanese Pokemon anime songs. Most of the flashes... aren't really to my taste.

Irrational Exuberance by VeryLowSodium. Utterly bizarre (but at least vaguely coherent). Based on a song called Yatta which is apparently from the Japanese version of Saturday Night Live. So they're not a real boyband, then. Phew.

French Erotic Film by Andrew Kepple. Actually has very little to do with French erotic films. Wikipedia says the actual lyric is Weet je wat ik wil. I worry that I realised it was in Dutch before seeing the actual title of the song. There is a sequel, called Plan 9 From Underpants. And a finale Conquest of Animutopia. These are good because they feature karaoke-style "what they think the lyrics should be".

Suzukisan by Dwedit. The Excessively Cute Kitten of baaaaaabyanimals fame just adds to the surreality, I feel. Also features ewoks.

If you enjoy these, please remember to pick up your brain from the surreality clinic, and try the community animutation. Yep.
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