April 29th, 2005

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financial stuff and house stuff (yeah, I'm good at this thinking-up-titles thing, me)

Am much happier today.

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Today Richard & I spent 2 hours battling entropy in the spare room, and we have thrown away a seemingly-enormous pile of stuff (basically 6 bin-bags worth, most of it going for recycling). It'll probably take a couple more hours to finish sorting it out, but having cleared most of the floor area, the important thing now is for me to actually finish painting the unit that is going to hold a lot of the stuff that's left there. Once that's done the room will be almost empty, and we'll be able to wash the walls down and then actually paint it, and then actually move in the rest of our stuff that's still being stored in the flat. Then we will dance and sing (or something...)

Further entropy-battling sessions are scheduled for the rest of this weekend, except Monday, which is collapse-in-a-heap day. I had been thinking of going to Thorpe Park, but going to a theme park on a bank holiday Monday seems like a recipe for spending the whole day standing in hour-long queues. At some point we also need to go to Ikea and Wickes and buy stuff, and hotdogs, although possibly it would be a good idea to avoid Ikea on Sunday or Monday. So maybe one evening next week.

If anyone feels like coming round to help us assemble Ikea chairs and/or paint furniture and/or wash down walls, then a good time would be Sunday, anytime after 1.30pm. Let me know if you're coming so I can make sure there's enough food & drink :) If anyone feels like being social but would prefer playing games to doing work, Monday is the time - probably again any time after 1.30pm.
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Seen elsewhere on lj today:


I still need to find the copious free time sometime before the actual election to talk about my views on politics and why they are the way they are...
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