May 5th, 2005

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Election, with many links and some of my opinions.

I am currently worried as shit about the election.

For those of you reading this from benighted foreign parts, the UK is currently going to hell in a handbasket. The main cause is Mr Tony B. Liar, Our Beloved Leader and Poodle of George W. Bush. While he rebuilt the Labour Party into something that could win elections, he also destroyed its soul. And over the most recent few years, with the invasion of Iraq, the death of David Kelly, university top-up fees, etc, he's just got further and further away from the Labour Party's original Socialist manifesto.

Now, it doesn't always matter when the party in power lurches to the right-wing, but the current main opposition party, the Conservatives, already were right-wing. To stay on top of things, they've had to get even more right-wing. Their crime adverts are most probably stretching the truth rather. Also, they are fighting a battle with the UK Independence Party, a.k.a. the Get Out Of Europe Now party, a.k.a the We're Not Racist Honest party, so the Tories' immigration policy is getting scary. All in all, parts of the Conservative Party's advertising is so utterly offensive they've spawned a whole parody campaign. Lovely.

I have been a woolly Liberal for some time (just a quick look at the 3 main parties' views on the Top 5 issues at the moment will tell you why). One of the benefits of having kept a livejournal for a long time is that I don't have to rely on my own biased memory to remember how I felt about things that happened in the past, I can just delve back into my lj. This is what I wrote about the election in 2001:
Politics from a queer perspective.
Political joke of the day, and some stuff about why I left the Conservative party.
Last election night - posted as it happened.

It transpires that my vote for Jenny Tonge was absolutely the correct thing to do: check out her voting record. Nice (no sarcasm!). However, she's not standing this time. Instead, we have as our candidate Susan Kramer, who is by all accounts a thoroughly decent human being. This is the official list of candidates in our constituency.

The LibDems probably don't stand a chance of getting into power, although my God, I hope this is true. But Strategic Voting is going to be very important. Have a read of the Strategic Voter 2005 FAQs, and especially the bits about a hung Parliament. (Why we want a hung Parliament: Richard Dawkins, Simon Jenkins, Mo Mowlam).

OK, that is my one and only serious post out of the way. I just hope I don't wake up miserable on May 6th...

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election update

Currently oscillating between excited and worried. I think I've done everything I can to help keep my seat yellow - as well as having a big board up in the garden, we've been delivering flyers several times a week. I just came back from an hour telling outside the polling station (which was somewhat exciting, as I was the only person doing it - there was a resounding lack of Conservatives!). Now I have to have dinner and go to work.

When I come back, I'm going to do a metric buttload of baking, because that's a good thing to do when stressed, and then go to the Richmond Park Lib Dem Party, which is supposedly going on "all night". So I won't be updating my journal as stuff happens, unless it turns out that by "all night" they mean "until 1am".

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