May 18th, 2005


E3 info freako thing

It's not a good idea for me to spend 2 days at home by myself. Being away from people makes me kinda... jittery. Right now, I'd be running round the house screaming and waving my arms frantically at things if I wasn't still sick & dizzy. Eurgh.

It doesn't help that it's E3 at the moment and I'm getting random snippets of news about new game things, some of which are making me run around screaming with excitement, and others which are making me want to stab the game developers to death with an Ikea pencil. None of the game sites are really giving me enough news about MY kinds of games, either, so I'm having to compile my own news from all of them, which is making me even more jittery.

Stabbing to death? Each new snippet of info about Pokemon XD is making me more pissed off - Snag machine? Shadow Pokemon? Can only play as a male character? Eurgh.

And have you seen the PS3 a.k.a breadbin with its boomerang controller? WTF?

The End Is Nigh: Final Fantasy XI is coming out on the Xbox.

Apparently I need this game: Hello Kitty Roller Rescue. Preview and screenshots (are you dead of cute yet?). Also, it looks as though Harvest Moon: For Girls will finally get an English translation! (I don't even mind if it's NorAm only, because I already have a FreeLoader disc).

Most wanted DS game is still (unsurprisingly) Animal Crossing DS, although I fear it at the same time. The GameCube version of Animal Crossing lends itself to those annoying 12 hour Sims-style sessions, where you start in the mid afternoon, and finally manage to peel yourself off the controller at godknows am when you finally notice you're cold, tired, hungry, thirsty, sore and needing the toilet. If Animal Crossing DS is anything like this, I can see instances of me ending up at the seaside by mistake because I failed to notice I was supposed to be getting off the train two hours earlier! I'm also rather wanting Katamari Damacy DS, although this is still just a rumour.

Last but absolutely not least, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess looks really impressive. Collapse )

More news to come, probably.
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