June 2nd, 2005


busy busy busy

Eeep. Have had to go to ?skip=500 on my Default View before I found stuff I haven't read before. I knew I'd have a backlog as I haven't been using the computer for a few days, but that's just ridiculous!

Am stupidly busy at the moment. The kiddies have their public exams next week: GCSE Science is on Monday and AS Chemistry on Wednesday. So they're booking lessons at every hour of day and night, and I'm doing 10am-8pm days with only the odd half hour gap. Also trying to get house stuff done in my copious free time (*roll eyes*), like clearing the garden and getting a new kitchen, except I just remembered we can't actually buy a new kitchen until we've sorted out whatever's wrong structurally with one of the walls :/ Argh. To add to the stress, I seem to be going down with a cold, but I don't have time for it now - I'm hoping that rest & vitamin C & as much garlic as my poor irritable digestive system can handle will stave it off until Monday.

Apart from that, life is good :D Will write more later... sometime.
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