July 28th, 2005

pokemon girl

more cycling adventures

I would just like to say that Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub gears SUCK.

1st gear is ok. 3rd gear is ok. 2nd gear is bloody awful. It has a shocking tendency to slip so I end up getting my knee jerked uncomfortably. If I try to carry on cycling without changing down to 1st and back up, it'll disengage completely and I end up in "1/2" gear - a lovely state whereby the trike is nearly freewheeling, except I am sort-of contributing something to the movement - it's just that it takes almost a full rotation of the pedals for it to happen. I would be profoundly worried, except Richard says his sister's bike when she was a kid had the same type of gears (identical-looking box), and they did the same thing. So it's clearly "just" a design flaw. Nonetheless, it's damn annoying.

If/when I upgrade to a Tri-1, it has seven speed indexed derailleur gears, which is apparently the same system as Richard's mountain bike only with less options (his has 21). So hopefully they will actually work properly. Also, the fact it'll be a new trike custom-built to my size means that there should be less annoyances in general. Still, GRRRR.

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face only, scary

semi-clean house shocker!

Stuff is happening. I spent the whole day cleaning up the house and we now have a passably tidy bedroom. The hall, landing and bathroom are all ok too. Still got to do the front room, study and spare room, but that'll take another half-day and I've inhaled enough dust for now. Sitting down now to write this, I've suddenly remembered that someone suggested I should get dust masks from a DIY place and use them for cleaning - bit late to remember now, though :/ Ah well, I guess if I write it here, I might remember to get some...

I have also been doing some work on Super Sekrit Project #2. This will go further next week when I meet my teacher. That's all I'm saying for now.

Just thought I'd post something moderately cheery to say look, it's not all doom and angst on lj ;)