September 5th, 2005

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not really asking for advice, but

Argh. I forgot to pay my credit card bill this month. Kinda unsurprising that I've had other things on my mind, but... The due date is Tuesday, 6th. I just set up a payment from my online banking, from the same bank where the credit card is, but even then it's not guaranteed to go through before Wednesday. Is it worth me ringing the bank to tell them about my health woes? It's the Co-Op, so they are not evil, and I usually pay my bill way before the due date (usually as soon as I receive it).

I can't believe I'm posting this to livejournal, but... I just don't want to have to pay a £20 "fine" over a £20 payment. And yes, I can afford £20 - it's just the principle of the thing. Punish me for deliberate non-payment or for being flaky, either I could accept, but I don't like being punished for being ill enough that I haven't thought about finances in weeks. I probably have to go to the doctor again tomorrow, because of some random oddities that might be indicative of something up with my liver. Gah.
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no more

And just in case I didn't have enough to deal with: fucking Kingston Hospital has lost the result of my fucking latex allergy test, and wants me to make an appointment for a new one.

Earliest appointment they can offer me even after I explained that I need the result before I can have the operation is... 3rd October. Which means I won't have the result for my pre-op on 6th October. Initially they offered me an appointment in November, and I'm still shaking all over from the thought of having to live with this gall bladder for another month.

I don't even need to see a doctor - they won't do allergy tests on me by skin-prick anymore, due to possible risk of death. All I need is to go in and have someone take some blood from me and send it off to the lab. Why the fuck do I have to wait a month to have that done?

I'm crying and hyperventilating and almost throwing up here from the stress.
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lj userinfo updated

If you go to my journal directly, you'll see three new posts from me adding to my lj userinfo.

About me, in handy buzz-words.

My interests extension, as 150 just isn't enough.

My friends list, linking & privacy policies.

You might find them interesting, or you might go "eh, I've known that for years, why's she bothering to tell us that now?".

Discussion's turned off on those posts because I intend them to stand as Public Record on my lj userinfo for years to come, but feel free to comment on this post.
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