October 16th, 2005

Sims 2

More Sims stories!

I have finally plucked up the courage to post one of my stories on the Sims 2 Exchange. At the moment there are 2 chapters up:
Part 1: Tank goes to College & Part 2: General Buzz's Friend. They're stories involving a premade family that come with the game - with quite a few in-jokes for Sims players.

They are Sims 2 photo stories, but I've tried to write them with the same standard of English that I'd use for traditional, non-photo stories. (I've noticed one typo and one grammar mistake, but the amount of hassle involved in trying to edit the stories means I'll probably just leave them as is.) So far, these stories exist as proof that I do actually have some heterosexual sims, but perhaps you'd like to guess what Ripp's secret is? ;) (Yes, Part 3 is written, and involves lots of boy kissing - but I'm leaving that a few days before posting.)

Please look at the stories and, if you have an EA account, rate them if you like them! Thanks.
pokemon girl

Deoxys Download - DO NOT FORGET!

People. I need to be at North Finchley VUE cinema on Saturday 22nd October to download Deoxys (the Pokemon). DO NOT LET ME FORGET!

In the event that I am incapacitated, somebody close to me needs to take my FireRed & LeafGreen cartridges from their "hiding place" (I'm joking, they're on the shelf with all my other GBA & DS games), stick them in my GBA, and follow these instructions, then take them to the cinema where there will be a "Downloading Bay", or some such. There is no excuse!

Also, I will presumably be in north London with a Travelcard, so this could be convenient to meet up with people, if I'm well enough.

Do not mention alt.polycon! Please! It's painful thinking about it!
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