November 5th, 2005

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OK, it seems that I'm destined to blether about music tonight:

If I a) lived in Toronto, and b) could stand smoke well enough to spend 6 hours in a bar, you bet I'd be at this: Just Ace Of Spaces.

Listen to the same song for 6 hours on autorepeat and make money for charity? Fuck, yeah!

I mean, at least it's not "Smoke on the Water", "Sweet Child O'Mine", or any of the other "classics" that will get you banned from a guitar shop :)

Several people whose taste in music I trust suggested that if I like Freezepop, I should also like Ladytron. So when I got an email from eMusic saying they had their allbum, I downloaded it. All I can say is that I paid all of 14/40 x US$5.99 for this, rather than the actual cost of the CD. The seven tracks I've listened all fail the fundamental h-l property of music, which is: I must be able to sing along to it.

The Ladytron "songs" consist of the same 3-4 lines of lyrics repeated over and over again for 2-4 minutes. Uh?

Pop pop:
Been listening to lots of Erasure recently. Got "The Circus", which is their 1987 extremely gay album. Pretty much every song on there contains not-very-veiled references to homosexuality. I just can't stop listening to it.

I spent a lot of my teen years wishing I had been born 3 or 4 years older, so I could have been old enough to see such-and-such a band when they played at The Marquee. But now, I think I'm pretty happy being 29 in 2005. I like the fact that I live in a city, in a country, where I can be open with my sexuality. I like the fact that I have the internet, and can meet freaks like me all over the world. If I'd been 18 in 1987, I think I'd have been a lot more fucked up than I am.

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I suck.

I think I have poor impulse control.

I mean, I seem to be very good at posting things online somewhere that I then look at in the cold, hard light of day and think "WTF was I thinking?". And then want to delete it and run away.

The way it works with this journal is that I delete nothing, but REALLY stupidly embarrassing stuff occasionally gets marked as private so no one else has to read it. Apart from that, I leave it be as a record of the person I once was. So what if the person I was in 2002 was an idiot? I'm not her any more.

Of course, that works well enough for my own journal, where I am my own censor - and principally, my own audience. I'm pretty unsure what to do if I accidentally open a can of worms in public, though. Apologise, & try to stuff the invertebrates back in? Doesn't really work - you find little wormlets all over the place for the next couple of weeks, and end up cutting yourself on the badly-opened can. Leave it be, & brazen it out? Not sure I really have the guts for that.

Yes, this is a purely hypothetical situation. Of course. And I'm a liar.
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ow ow ow fucking ow ow ow

Just poked my head into the Wildhearts' Yahoo! Group.

I've been on that mailing list virtually since it started - way before Yahoo! even existed, I was one of the first hundred members on the original list. But I haven't been able to read it for some time. I miss the friends I made there, but I can't cope with the politics of the brilliant, mercurial, drug-addicted idiot that so many of the other fans place on a pedestal. Why is someone so intellligent his own worst enemy?

I need to get the hell off the internet tonight. Too emotionally labile to deal with $stuff.
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I am very unhappy because of livejournal technical issues. I have a horrible feeling the only solution is going to be "delete that journal and start over with a new name, and wait for that one to get deleted so you can rename to it" :(

But I am slightly cheered to discover that my regular journal is on the Soybean cluster! Could there be a more appropriate cluster for me if you tried?!
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baratron's stories, & 150 interests is NOT ENOUGH

It's done! baratronstories. If you want to read my Sims 2 stories or comment on them, go there.

I'm officially bored of HTML now, so I'm going to go and ... PLAY Sims 2 now! (Yeah, sometimes I forget there's an actual game there.)

Also, interests ++ evil gall bladders, Hot Topic, Sims 2, Sims 2 hacking
interests -- Chessington World of Adventures, goth, Linux, Silver Ginger 5

150 interests is not enough! It never has been! If I didn't have to keep knocking interests off, I'd be up to 300 by now! Gah!

I'm seriously scraping the barrel to know what to knock off next. I suppose I could remove Jake The Rake, as adjectivemarcus is too busy with real life to do it anymore. "Pride flags" is there as a bit of a joke, to annoy all the people who don't like rainbows or pink. I could lose "hair", but it is quite a major interest of mine! It's almost the first thing I notice about someone. "Konami", mebbe, because I have Bemani games listed as a separate interest, and I've never been particularly interested in Winning Eleven. ARGH!

I don't have "Game Boy Advance" or "Nintendo DS" or "GameCube" on my list for no specific reason (except lack of space), no Pikmin, no delicious opioids, no soy milk, ...
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