November 7th, 2005

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Mighty Wuzzie!

My hairy thing is mighty! He went to Boots and managed to find Evening Primrose Oil that is in Vegecaps!

I'm quite impressed - not only that he managed to brave the vitamin aisles of one of the biggest, most poorly-laid-out shops in existence (on a Sunday! Near Christmas!), but also that he managed to find Evening Primrose Oil in vegecaps rather than gelatin shells. Previously, the only ones I've seen were enormous great horse pills that would get stuck in my throat. I ideally need Starflower Oil, as it has much higher GLA content, which is what helps stop my joints from hurting too much, but the EP is better than nothing while I try to find vegan Starflower Oil. I suspect it doesn't exist (except in bottle form, and it tastes too icky for me to want to swallow spoonfuls), but you never know.

In case anyone feels like Googling for me, what I want is some way of getting ~220mg of GLA per day (yes, I know that's way over what it says as the recommended dose, it's the amount I need to stop my hips and knees from creaking & aching all the time in winter), in capsules that are no bigger than 1cm long. The 2cm long ones are just impossible to get down. These Seven Seas capsules contain 67mg of GLA each, so I'd have to take 4 of them, which is a little silly. I doubt anyone will feel like Googling for me, but I know some of you are bored rigid on Monday mornings :)

In other news, my gall bladder remains evil. 1000mg of paracetamol + 16mg codeine + 20mg of Buscopan + 100mg of Tramadol is not enough to stop the pain, but I am not actually screaming in agony. And my desire to avoid the hospital is strong enough that I'll just lie here and moan. Hopefully the pain'll reduce enough to let me sleep. Bloody NSAID allergy. Bah.
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If it's Monday, this must be my bed.

Stoned on (prescription) opioids, again. I spent an hour lying in bed trying to decide if I was well enough to go to work. (On the basis that I was in pain, but not much - but how much worse would it get after walking and bussing and sitting on an uncomfortable chair for an hour?). Decided that I should go to work because I've messed this particular family around enough, got out of bed to get ready, and promptly fell over. So there was my answer.

Gall bladder has, in fact, got worse, so my body made the right decision. If I have left a comment on your journal today that is full of typos, it's because I'm typing lying down. And possibly also because my brain is in la la land with the fairies.
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