November 11th, 2005

Sims 2

My sims are broken.

Oh yes, and just to improve my mood further - my Sims 2 game has the jump bug. Otherwise known as 0x85 or too many iterations, this bug occurs for a variety of reasons, mainly due to Maxis' insistence on using fixed integers for various bits of code within the game instead of variables. Mine is occurring because the sims in that family have "too many" memories, so when they go to chat about something and the game looks at their memories to provide conversation, the game gets itself stuck in a loop and the sims constantly reset. It renders the game utterly unplayable, because you leave the sims doing just about anything, and suddenly they've jumped halfway across the room with their queues entirely wiped. Even debug mode doesn't help. Last night, I was trying to play in debug mode to set up some photos, and quite literally every second an error message would appear in the middle of screen telling me that object Max had an "unexplained transition" - cancel, reset, delete? Couldn't do A Thing.

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