November 17th, 2005

science genius girl

inspired, fascinated, depressed

I have spent several hours tonight Googling for the various risk factors of different kinds of sex. Not because I need to know, but because a kiddy turned up on a forum I go to wanting to know how you know if you're ready to have sex, & I have Google-fu. As well as finding information for teenagers I also found some profoundly geeky links. I have an urge to post this link for anyone else who loves medical geeking: On March 14, 2003 HIV InSite convened a panel of San Francisco experts to discuss the data on risk of HIV infection associated with receptive oral sex.

It's absolutely fascinating. I'm sitting here reading paragraphs like: Collapse )
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Hmmm. Interesting.

Last night I had the grand total of 4 hours sleep. And yet I woke up more functional than I have been in weeks. Reason? No nightmares.

This says an awful lot about how much of my current lack of health is due to mental reasons rather than physical. I mean, I got up, got on a bus & was positively bouncy for 2 hours, although I was having to wipe my eyes with cold water to keep them open. Managed to teach a lesson that I hadn't prepared for from memory. (I thought we were doing past papers, but the kid forgot to bring them with him. So instead he wanted me to give him notes on how to answer Unit 3B questions - the unit for which there is no textbook.)

Unfortunately, this current state of functioning is not going to last, because I forgot to renew my secret stash of emergency antidepressants, and thus, when I realised I was running out yesterday morning, I was really running out. And through various people's screwups (including mine), and because it's a Thursday (the pharmacy's early closing day), the pharmacy didn't get my prescription in time to do anything with it. So I've had to take some Efexor that's a year past its best before date, and I don't have any Mirtazapine at all. And you know the rule of antidepressants: If you take them for awhile and feel really great and suddenly stop taking them, your head will explode.

Still, I have had a good laugh watching the miserable ovoid creature cartoon again, in preparation for my imminent head explosion ;)