November 24th, 2005


Things, stuff, energy, people, blah.

Thought-provoking stuff I have read recently:
Repeating the obvious: energy levels, by redbird.
can we still be friends?, by the_siobhan.

Both posts explain thoughts & feelings I'm having at the moment, but in a much more coherent way than I'd've managed.

Also, someone called me tonight & suggested I should set up a "moan filter" on my lj, so people don't have to read it unless they want to. I'm loath to do that, because I only post friends-only if there's a need to (like, if I am already feeling afraid or attacked and need to know who can access the post), and I think it's useful to post publicly about health stuff, so other people who have got diagnosed with the same stuff can Google & find someone to talk to about it. However, if a lot of the "no one's reading my journal" feeling is coming from the fact that no one's reading it because they're sick of the moaning, or scared of the spikiness (have I really been that bad-tempered the past few weeks? I guess I must've been), I might have to.
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I *heart* LJ, really.

While my LJ Scrapbook photos are still broken and there is still no information about when it will be fixed, I've just discovered an amazing new benefit of the move. My journal comments have been converted to UTC, and now I actually know when they were posted, instead of them being in some weird time zone 6 hours ahead of me! OK, that is the highlight of my day, now :P

(Yeah, 6 hours ahead was what they did before. Not behind. That would've been, like, sensible, considering that much of the US is 6 hours behind the UK, and I could've remembered that).
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