November 25th, 2005

baratron again

My technological blind spot.

I am a geek. Well, duh. I'm also keen on technology, and actively enjoy learning new stuff.

So why, then, do I have this total blind spot when it comes to any machine or software package that does not have an interface that I consider intuitive? If I can't get my head round the interface within the first 5 minutes, my brain more-or-less shuts off and refuses to learn the difference.

I have spent a very frustrating evening with Milkshape 3D. Frustrating mostly because, once upon a time, in 2003, I knew how to use Milkshape. Haven't looked at it in ages, and now I just can't cope with the fact that to zoom in, you move the mouse wheel backwards - and to zoom out, you move the mouse wheel forwards. To me, this is just completely backwards, and my brain can't easily re-map. If this wasn't enough, the way you move the model on the screen is kinda like moving a slide on a microscope stage - it's all reversed. And no - if there is an option to reverse the controls, it's hiding. Just add to this the fact that I don't easily visualise in 3D, and you can imagine my frustration.

In contrast, I downloaded Wings 3D, because a few Sims modders I trust said it was a lot more intuitive than Milkshape. I loaded it, didn't even bother reading the tutorial or help file because 2 hours doing that with Milkshape didn't help me in the slightest, and within 6 minutes had edited my first vertex.

Why is this a problem? Well, because Wings isn't as powerful as Milkshape, and doesn't do animations. And because Milkshape is the fans' standard (as we can't afford Maya or 3D Studio Max), and all the plugins are written for it. And because it's ridiculous that my brain does this. I wish I knew why, so I could stop it.
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