November 28th, 2005


music advice needed

Today I have been mostly sleeping. Now I am ripping CDs to the MP3 server, and downloading more (legal) MP3s.

I need some advice about goth, industrial & darkwave music. Haven't heard anything new since 1996 or 1997, because of my dire smoke allergy preventing me from going to clubs. What the hell should I get/download? I like Star Industry, Merry Thoughts, Suspiria, Nekromantik, Manuskript, er... I think there was a Killing Miranda CD that Alexa left in my house for ages that I quite liked. Industrial I like includes Cop Shoot Cop, Front 242, KMFDM, NIN (well, duh) and Terminal Power Company. Give me recommendations, people! Even including recommendations for albums released after 1997 by any of the bands mentioned ;)

Feel free to tell me about other kinds of music I might like as well, but I can't be bothered to type in a complete list of all the albums I own :) Bands I am currently obsessed with include Freezepop, Compulsion, Pixies, Erasure, Muse, Blink-182 and Pulley (found them on eMusic and have been acquiring all their albums - I'm even going to go out & buy them on CD). Synthpop, punk & lo-fi seem to be the defining genres at the moment.
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