November 30th, 2005

test tube

something serious for a change

I'm a woolly left-wing liberal, who is carfree by choice and recycles everything. But news that Greenpeace have been protesting against proposed new nuclear power plants just seems wrong to me. What, exactly, are they proposing as the alternative? Lovely though it would be for us all to reduce our use of petrol and electricity and for people to start walking and cycling everywhere, I can't see it happening.

In an ideal world, wind turbines would be shiny and wonderful and provide vast amounts of power. But in practice, they are noisy, and a large number of them are needed to produce a small amount of electricity. Many of the most suitable sites for them in the UK are areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as hill and mountain tops, and/or interfere with wildlife, such as offshore locations. Also, they are subject to the weather. Yes, it is often windy, but not always.

I don't know what the answer is. Ideally we'd use a large range of different non-polluting renewable sources. But replacing the entire country's fossil fuel stations with wind turbines isn't going to work. Nuclear power could be a short to medium-term solution to ease the transition between fossil fuels and renewable power.

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more music

Bah. My plan to use my entire 40 eMusic downloads on Momus has been thwarted by the fact that none of the Momus albums are available for download in the UK at the moment.

So now I'm going through the recommendations that people gave me yesterday. eMusic doesn't have anything by most of the bands mentioned. There are however, two Front Line Assembly albums, four Juno reactor albums, three Anathema albums, er, and one Stabbing Westward album (not "Ungod", which is the one I've heard of). Will have to check these out sometime when I'm not busy listening to other music ;)

Any more recommendations? Albums on the list that are particularly good/bad?

I Rock.

I want to boast about something.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the bath washing my hair because we don't have enough hot water for me to shower, and I had a flashback. (By "flashback" I mean in the trauma sense, suddenly reliving the terrifying event.) It was a combination of the pain I was in (my gall bladder was severely cramping, sending the cramps all round my digestive system), the stark white tiles on the wall, and claustrophobia - our bathroom is tiny anyway, and so is our bath. Suddenly terrified and panicking, I wanted to leap out the bath and collapse in a sobbing mess on the floor.

What I actually did was stay put, forcing myself to breathe normally and see what was actually there - that I was at home, in my own bathroom, there was no one there to hurt me. I cried a bit and rocked a bit, but I got through it, and finished washing my hair - just constantly focusing on the present.

The flashback is lurking at the back of my mind. It's not happy that I derailed it. It wants to take me over.

I won't let it. I am Wolf. Hear me roar.

(*hugs* and blank comments are ok if you don't know what to say.)