December 5th, 2005


I think my drugs just kicked in.

I have had the most amazing day! Woke up today feeling bleurgh but got on with life anyway - and look what I've done!Collapse )

I have something of a confession to make. I think that I must have stolen several other people's supplies of spoons. If you have been exhausted and apathetic all day I'm sorry! I'll give the spoons back as soon as I have some spare! On the other hand, maybe a bunch of you were hoping and praying that I'd have a pain-free day one of these millennia, and if that was the case - thank you. I enjoyed it.

The reason I've put Completed three songs on the Insane mode of Amplitude for the first time ever in bold is that for several weeks now, I haven't even had enough concentration to be able to play the game, let alone get half-decent scores on vaguely difficult songs. Today I sat down and played REALLY DAMN DIFFICULT songs fairly easily. (Yes, my scores sucked - but I completed the songs!). It is exactly 2 weeks since my antidepressant dosage went up - it looks like it's actually had some effect. Hooray!

I'm happy :) Even if I have a totally crap rest of the week, at least I got a lot of useful things done today.
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This is my life.

Also, because I was in a silly mood:
This is my life.
A lovely picture of all the pills and potions I have to take in a month. Click on it for the full-size version & to read the packets.

Yes, I remain very grateful for the NHS and state-sponsored prescriptions. My pharmacy imports drugs from all over the EU (which is why many of those packets have foreign text on them with an English label glued on), and I see the price in Euros of the drugs. Woah.