December 21st, 2005



Today was even more joyous than yesterday. Not only did I have a complete meltdown (thanks to ceno for talking me out of it), but a comment of mine seems to have been the accidental catalyst for a flame war. Yay.

Once again, I am going to bed with the hope that the world will be a bit saner tomorrow.
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perky, wolfy

need food now

I am RAVENOUS! Today has been non-stop one-to-one teaching from 11.30am until 7pm. Different kids, but still exhausting. I resolved to get through the day by eating non-stop, as it's the only way I can work for that long without falling over. I have eaten: 2 clementines, 1 packet of low-fat pretzels, 1 bowl of homemade sweetcorn soup, 1 piece of chocolate brownie, and some Opal Fruits. (I'm a branding Luddite. Besides, "Starburst" is too non-specific, applying to too many different confectionary products for you to know which one I did in fact eat). Actually, that isn't that much. No wonder I'm hungry.

Waiting for Richard to get home so we can have food. Argh. Trying to resist the urge to eat my way through the left-over rice from last night, as we were talking about going out to eat and I can't do that if I'm full of rice.

Aha! The door! *runs*
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