January 18th, 2006


video game rip-off/homage

Richard & I are busy killing ourselves with laughter. He's playing a level in Ratchet & Clank 3 which is INSANE. These are the elements:

  • a homage to Amplitude (purple scenery with loud music blasting out of speakers on either side of the track)
  • a tribute to Frequency (pink & purple "tube" that you could run all round, with explosions timed to the music)
  • a twisted corridor like Zelda: The Ocarina Of time (ok, that's not rhythm action. Whatever :P)
  • shooting a giant sphere made up of panels, like Earth-Mega/Giga/Terra in Rez
  • jumping on neon pink & blue panels to avoid them as they lit up, like the opposite of DDR
  • fighting a girl robot who dances and sings on a circular stage like Space Channel 5. Also, she says things like "Oops, I did it again", so maybe there's a Britney's Dance Beat thing going on as well (ARGH!).

I was going to bed to write more of my story, but now I'm stuck here until he finishes the level, so I can see which other games get ripped-off paid homage to ;)


Richard currently has a workshop set up in the smallest room of our house. It is a very small room, and also upstairs. This limits the amount of Stuff he can put in it - not least of all, because there's issues with how much weight the floor can safely take. He has been angling for some time to move the workshop into the "little room" downstairs, which has a concrete floor. (Which is actually quite a lot bigger). I have been resistant, because that's a nice room, with a wrought-iron fireplace and a door into the garden - I wanted that to be our spare bedroom for guests.

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