February 23rd, 2006


this is what Alanis Morrissette would call "ironic"

It's 16:10 right now. I don't have to leave the house before 16:30 at the earliest, and it's snowing outside. OK, the snow isn't settling, but it's thick enough to affect visibility, while the excessive amounts of wetness everywhere make it unpleasant and a bit dangerous to walk. I sat down to browse teh intarweb for a few minutes before going out. After all, I have such a good record of managing to shut down the computer and get out the door on time, don't I?

My web connectivity is down. Can't get to livejournal or any of the 3 games forums I might want to check. I can take a hint.

Telephone number pedantry

Pet hate: people who write London phone numbers as "0207" or "0208" plus 7 digits. It's incorrect. The code for London is 020. The number is 8whatever. If you are in London and pick up the phone, and dial the seven digit number after "0208", you won't get through. If, instead, you dial the eight digit number beginning with "8", you will.

What has inspired this rant? Several things, including listening to my answer phone messages, and trolls on one of my irc channels (making it completely impossible to have a conversation there, and all of the ops are idle). Plus the garage at the back of ours just spent out on a huge shiny new sign, that sits just off the edge of our property and swings in the breeze - and it has the phone number listed as "0208" + 7 digits. GAH.