March 20th, 2006


o joy

Guess where i am? That's right! In my favourite place ever in the universe, a.k.a. Kingston Hospital! Yay!

Pain started around 6.30pm last night. Took paracetamol & codeine at 7.30pm. Threw that up at 10.10pm. Took tramadol at 10.20pm. Threw that up at 11.10pm. Took domperidone (antiemetic) at 11.30, and puked THAT up 20 min later. That was when I told Richard to call 999.

So I had a nice ride in an ambulance, and several hours in A&E, and more puking, and pain so bad it still hurt despite i.v. morphine, and falling out with my dad after he told me off for screaming (!), and lots of prodding of my PTSD triggers, but am a) not dead and b) not in the bloody astor ward. Instead am in the Sycamore ward and liking it much better despite its unfortunate name. got NO sleep last night, hoping for a bit more today.

they are keeping me for "some" days, depends how well i do, i guess. Joyfully, the internet terminals above the bds WORK now! so am more cheered. visiting is probably still 3-8pm, and i'd recommend organising it with richard.
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patientline redefines the "dumb terminal"

Hmm, well - I tried to log into various forums to tell people I was in hospital, but all I've managed to do is persuade the sites that I've forgotten my password. Which I haven't - the problem is this cut-down/crippled version of Inetrnet Exploder, which doesn't allow enough space for password entry fields and/or the appalling tiny rubber keyboard. Richard is typing this as my slave and thinks he's going to get RSI.

So if you go to one of my usual forums/IRC channels, tell people where I am and link to these posts...

update: (20:49) tentative yay about pain, but i'd really like my damn Efexor - 2 dys without it isn't going to do my poor brain chemistry any good.
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v for vendetta

you know, I TOLD Richard that he should keep his V for Vendetta special effects crew member's t-shirt and sell it on ebay, but did he believe me...?

anyone want to bid for it anyway, only slightly worn... :)