April 20th, 2006

face only, scary

dear body

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So today was a stunning reminder of what it was like to be much more disabled than I am now. Slept for 12 hours, then had to go out shopping - and I was shuffling around the place with tiny little steps, having to hold onto things so I didn't fall over, and having to sit down. I only went to Waitrose, the bank, Post Office and stationery shop - but it took me a very long time, and every so often the weakness in my legs and pain in random places got so bad everything went all black and swimmy for a bit.

Paracetamol & codeine helped, and after that was unexpected ludy (randomly in London for the day) and not much work (conveniently, I only had two students scheduled today, and one of them cancelled). It could be worse. Having really bad pain and physical exhaustion once a month is better than every day. I mean, I now live in a house with stairs, that I have to go up and down at least twice a day.

Still pretty scary, though.