May 2nd, 2006

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pretty geek boy on the bus

Today there were three geek boys on the bus having a conversation about some game they were playing, which was delightful to overhear. One of them was so cute and pretty, kinda like a younger version of Sean from Freezepop but with longer hair, and he was wearing the if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate t-shirt from toothpaste for dinner. So as we were getting off the bus at the terminus, I told him I liked his t-shirt. He gave me this amazing smile and said "Thank you!". I said "It's from toothpaste for dinner, I know", he replied "The most excellent web site!", and I carried on my way to work.

I hope that exchange made his day. It certainly made mine.
baratron again

Why I love HoopyCat

HoopyCat:   dammit, i broke my dishwasher
astra:      how didya manage that?
HoopyCat:   overtorqued the #9742945 washarm nut
astra:      one must wonder what you were doing fiddling with the #9742945 washarm nut in the first plae
HoopyCat:   there was a fair amount of sediment making it onto the dishes, so i figured i best figure out what's going on
HoopyCat:   i disassembled it until i got the jar lid out from under the filter, and in the process of reassembling it, snap goes the washarm nut.
astra:      ah
astra:      is that a standard part?
HoopyCat:    9742945? very much so. it's in stock 4 miles away, and will cost about $5. i'm damned sure they're closed, though.
green_onion: ...
green_onion: it's just a nut?
green_onion: why not run to the hardware store?
green_onion: ultra-fine thread or something?
* green_onion just finished tapping threads into a bottom bracket, and as such is in a handy mood
HoopyCat:    g_o:
HoopyCat:    it's a 9742945, dude. you just can't find those anywhere.
green_onion: haha
green_onion: that looks more like a screw, dude
HoopyCat:    Personalized Results 1 - 10 of about 110 for 9742945. (0.43 seconds)
HoopyCat:    alright, so you *can* get them in many places, just not at 8:40pm.
astra:       i must admit i am curious about how you found out it was called a 9742945
HoopyCat:    g_o: it's a nut and a screw, is there anything it can't do?
green_onion: a scrut
green_onion: or a nrew
HoopyCat:    astra: i had originally noted the model of my dishwasher, and was prepared to use advanced computing technology to find the part number. however, i also brought the part with me, and noticed it says "9742945 8268873 IGD" on it
* astra snickers
* astra is sorely tempted to post this entire conversation to livejournal, along the lines of "why i love hoopycat"
HoopyCat:    given that 8268873 is 24 Pair Lot Mens White Ankle Socks, i went for 9742945.
astra:       lol!

I am on Myspace, but...

I just set up a Myspace account - basically just so I can keep up with the band stuff that gets posted there. I have absolutely no intention of using it for anything else. The whole Myspace "friends" and "networking" thing makes me twitchy. But feel free to friend me if you want.

Also, WTF is up with the Profile information? I had to set my goddamned Marital Status to "In a Relationship" to stop it showing up as Single, but that's not true! Well, I mean, yes - I am in a relationship, and I'm also in another one. The options are: Swinger (!!), In a Relationship, Single, Divorced, Married, and that's it. Gah. Sexual orientation? Religion? Ethnicity? All of these have ~6 fixed options, none of which fit me. Best way to wind me up is to give me a bunch of boxes and not let me tick any of 'em.

And, I mean, WTF: Income?!!

Gods no. I'm staying on livejournal, where I have nice write-in boxes rather than stupid fucking ticky boxes, and no one would even dream of putting their Income on their userinfo page. *shudders*

lizenthusiasm has the right idea. She's set her Body Type info to be 7' 3" / Body builder :D

Also, are anyone else's userpics messed up? This is SUPPOSED to be posted with my Buttercup userpic. Just went into the Edit Userpics thingy and found Buttercup had been replaced with "grinning" - and after I changed it back, Buttercup's now replaced poor Luka. GRRR!
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