May 9th, 2006


BiFest and other animals.

On Saturday I had to work all day, then Richard & I went to BiFest in the evening. This turned out to be something of a mistake. It was good, because I finally got to meet earwigmc, but bad because I realised within about 3 minutes of getting there that I was too tired to enjoy it. I'm an extrovert, in the gaining energy from being around people sense, and it takes a lot to make me over-peopled - but there were too many people I didn't know or even recognise. Just couldn't cope, so I spent the whole time I was there hiding out in the Back Room. Poor Richard, who's a natural introvert and quite seriously so, was so overwhelmed he actually left and went for a long walk instead. Blah. Sorry if you tried to be friendly and I was behaving like a deer caught in headlights :/

Yesterday I was supposed to be going to the Natural History Museum to go dinosaur hunting, but my severe spoon shortage caught up with me. So instead the Tim & Peter came here and I watched Tim play Dragon Quest for several hours while I recategorised Sims outfits. The reason I needed to do this is that a not insignificant number of my downloaded outfits are broken and show up in stupid categories - like, for example, dresses that show up not only in Everyday and Formal wear, but also in Athletic, Nightwear, Swimwear and Underwear. It drives me nuts that people tag their stuff incorrectly - especially because I've made clothes myself and know how trivial it is to get right. There isn't really any excuse for not doing it properly, as a) BodyShop comes in the same language options as the game itself, so all the functions will be explained in your own language, and b) the icons are pictorial anyway, and surely you have to be pretty daft to click the "swimsuit" picture for a dress?! Bah!

Got some real-life house ordering stuff done too, but I won't go into that because it was tedious enough having to do it in the first place without spending time writing about it as well :) I only post about housekeeping if I'm feeling down and need reminding that I got useful stuff done with the day. Today I managed to book a doctor's appointment. Somehow, despite my GP being harder to get hold of than, er, a very slippery thing, I've succeeded in getting an appointment for next Tuesday. Yes, I rock.

Richard is doing some insanely geeky stuff here that I would tell you about if only I understood it. Currently, he appears to be prodding a circuit board with a multimeter. He seems to have got himself a new "job" reprogramming paintball guns, and at least one of his firmware upgrades has been accepted by the manufacturer as the new official standard. I understand EPROM, PIC, pins, high and low, and that's about it. If anyone cares, I might be able to prod him for more details.
Sims 2

the romantic misadventures of h-l's sims

My sims are crazy.

I have these sims that I've been denying romantic relationships to for a while, because I wasn't sure who should get together with whom. Eventually figured it out, and yesterday I let two of them get together.

So, it's pretty obvious that the poor things were desperate. They were already Best Friends, with maxed-out relationship. (100 in both Short Term and Long Term relationship). This means it took one romantic interaction for them to fall instantly in love with each other. Just a Flirt --> Caress, and they were In Love. Not a Crush, straight to In Love. (The pink hearts floated above their heads followed immediately by the red hearts followed immediately by the big red heart with an arrow through it.) Then, the girl's Wants changed to Talk to Boy, Dance With Boy and Get Engaged to Boy, while the boy's changed to Entertain Girl, Dance With Girl and Get Engaged to Girl.

Flirt --> Caress is a light touch on the side of the face - stroking the other person's cheek. They hadn't even kissed at this point, and they wanted to Get Engaged! Okaaaaay. Y'know, even in my wildest teenage girliehood, I don't think I ever wanted to get engaged to someone I hadn't even kissed! I don't even think I wanted to get engaged to the first guy who ever kissed me "properly" (who was, btw, the bass player in my favourite band at the time - true story!). Poor little sims. I've clearly been neglecting their emotional needs.

Then the boy took the girl out on a date (as I was in his house at the time), and I ignored the Want to Get Engaged. And some more sensible Wants spun up. They wanted to Dine Out together, then they wanted to Hug each other, then Kiss and Make Out. (They made out in the middle of the road, with cars hooting at them - something that would be rather dangerous in real life.) After that, both of them had 3 Want slots clogged up with Have First Ever Woohoo With (the other), Woohoo With (the other) and Woohoo In Bed with (the other). So I relented and had him ask her home. She autonomously ran up the stairs to the bedroom, in front of him (!), and they had fantastic sex as only sims can (lots of giggling under the blankets, strange acrobatics with random hands and feet coming out of the bed, and fireworks going off overhead). When they got up again, the Get Engaged Want was back.

Who am I to ignore what is clearly Meant To Be? :D

Update: They've now been on four dates, all Dream Dates, and as a result are both walking around with permanent Get Engaged and Get Married wants. I didn't even realise Get Married could spin up as a Want for sims who aren't engaged yet!
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