May 29th, 2006

pokemon girl

I don't have time for this.

I think I have to take my lungs to the doctor. Collapse )

I know I was ridiculously ill when I had the actual cold/flu thing, so it wouldn't surprise me if I'd managed to get invaded by some passing bacterium on top of having a virus. But I just don't have time for it this week. Too much work. And the stupid bank holiday tomorrow means that Tuesday will be hell in the GP's...

Meh. Anyone got some spare lungs they're not using?
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Naked geek girl "wearing" peripherals!

Thanks to the various people who posted a link to the geekiest photo ever. If you want to see more, try gfixler's Rubik's Cube Mario Pop Art Wall Hanging and Flickr: Rubik's world pool and Rubik-Cubisme. Sooo geeky.

Other interesting techy pics: Plaid Ninja's photos of the Nintendo World shop. I really like Lots of Game Boy Advance units.

For Tim & Peter: Adventures of Slime & Metal Slime, by AzyxA. Edit: Flickr: Slime Pool. Am now dead of cute.

But I'm not sure anything beats the naked geek girl "wearing" video game controllers and other such peripherals. Flickr: Female Tech's photos.

Sorry for anyone who thought the naked geek girl would be me. I'll try to arrange some nekkid pics for you later. (Pervs).