June 7th, 2006

baratron again

You've probably seen all of these already, but...

Some links because I officially have Too Many windows open:

Wired News: Robot Rep Goes to School. From katyha through a bunch of other people. I had to follow the story all the way back to its source to make sure this was science fact not science fiction. It sounds amazingly cool. I believe the fact it's being organised by the hospital means that medical staff are monitoring the condition of the student, and that it will only be offered to kids who are well enough to do some studying. But yeah - it certainly beats trying to catch up from books, especially if writing or turning pages is physically painful.

The Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments. From lots of people. A video featuring crazy water jets created by putting Mentos mints into bottles of Diet Coke. Requires Quicktime, videos have sound but it's not essential. And here's the science.

Make the Pie Higher. A "poem" by George W. Bush. From griffen.
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