July 4th, 2006


this is not my beautiful life, this is not my beautiful wife

From yesterday's Evening Standard, a review of the tv programme "Big Love" by Terry Ramsey:

As if life for Mormon polygamist Bill Henrickson wasn't complicated enough - with three wives to keep happy - tonight things get even more complex when he starts up an illicit relationship. And just to make it really bizarre, it is with one of his own wives.

That's because Bill and Barb are driving home one night when they impulsively engage in a little roadside romance - which relights their sexual fire. Trouble is... it's Margene's night.

But Bill only has eyes (and other organs) for Barb and it's not long before they're arranging another illicit tryst. And suddenly they realise: "We're having an affair." Uh-oh.

So here's a fun task for anyone who feels lilke it. Describe in 104 words (the length of the above review) or less the similarities and/or differences between this tv portrayal and your own polyamorous relationships.

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